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Saturday 03 May


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Top 14 H cup

Florian FRITZ

Florian FRITZ

Born : 27/01/1984 in Sens (89)
1,78 m - 97,8 kg

Powerful and quick center, Florian Fritz has been one of the key elements of the Stade for almost ten years. Arrived in 2004, he quickly imposed himself as a decisive player, able to make the difference in every situation. Indeed, in defense, thanks to his devastating tackles or in attack thanks to his power, Florian is precious in every sector of the game and often made the matches turn in the advantage of Toulouse.

Florian has also a strong personality and he has sometimes paid his excess : his character might have cost him some selections in the XV de France. Today, he wears the Blue shirt again.

Florian is an essential player for Toulouse. His game, mixing strength and speed, is very precious for the team. Florian also gained a nex extent, as he was chosen several times to be captain, during the 2013-2014 season. An arm injury made him stay away from the field for several months.


In addition to his speed and his strength, Florian is also a god kicker. He scored 42 points for the Stade thanks to his feet : 5 drops and 9 penalties. Before Lionel Beauxis arrived, he was the one that was in charge to kick long distance goals.


Florian is well known for his strength and his strong personality. Since he is at the club, he has had 12 yellow cards and one red card. And it is as soon as his first match with Toulouse, against Pau, that he was cautioned for the first time.

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