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Friday 26 September


- 20h45

Les nouveaux maillots BLK du Stade Toulousain
Top 14 ERCC



Born : 08/28/1983 in Waitara
1,78 m - 92 kg

Luke McAlister won Toulouse supporters' heart very quickly. For his first matches with the club, he made the difference and was the one that helped the Stade win some matches. Remarkable in attack as in defense, the New-Zealender has impressive physical and technical skills and he knows how to help the group.

Multitasking player, he can play either fly-half or center. Thanks to his great overview of the game and his ability to take the good decisions, Luke was decisive during the 2012 Top 14 final and semifinal. For his first season wearing the black and red shirt, his efforts were rewarded as he won his first Brennus Shield.

The last season was unfortunately below his capacities because of a serious biceps injury. The recovery kept him away from the competition more than four months. It is the least to say Luke's presence missed a lot to Toulouse's attack.


In two season at the Stade, Luke has confirmed what a remarkable kicker he was. Out of the four matches of final phases he played since he arrived in Toulouse, the All Black scored 23 penalties and conversions out of the 24 he tried: an incredible success rate of 96%.


This figure is always evolving. It is the number of followers Luke has got on Twitter. He is a fan of this micro blogging site and he kind of converted all the players, since the majority of the team now own a Twitter account.

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