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Friday 26 September


- 20h45

Top 14 ERCC

Vincent CLERC

Vincent CLERC

Born : 07/05/1981 in Echirolles (38)
1,78 m - 89 kg

Since he has begun his career, Vincent Clerc keeps showing his talent to the world. His speed and his side steps make him a remarkable finisher as his seriousness and commitment make him a powerful tackler. After more than ten years playing with the Toulouse shirt, the wing is still decisive in the most delicate moments, at the club or in the XV of France.

In april 2013, Vincent injured his knee. He is forced to stop playing for the rest of the year. Back in time of the last games of the 2013/14 season, and despite he could not play a lot of times, he proved he did not lose any of his qualities as the three tries he scored in the Top 14 attest it.


In 2005-2006, Vincent scored 17 tries in H Cup and Top 14. That's the player's record. Since he is at the Stade, he scores an average of ten tries per season.


In 2012-2013, Vincent has never been a substitute: he played 24 matches and started 24 times.

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