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Saturday 06 September


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Les nouveaux maillots BLK du Stade Toulousain
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Yannick NYANGA

Yannick NYANGA

Born : 19/12/1983 in Kinshasa (Congo)
1,87 m - 100,5 kg

Quick and agile, Yannick Nyanga is a formidable tackler and a fierce ball stealer. Despite the competition for the 3rd line spot, this never-tired runner is uncatchable for the opponent's defense and has become a key element to the team.

In 2012, thanks to his amazing performances, he could get back to the XV de France where he had not been called for five years. During the national anthem, Yannick was overwhelmed and could not hold back his tears. He moved a lot of supporters and this emotional image will stay in the rugby's mind for a long time.

During the 2013/14 season, Yannick Nyanga is still successful with the Stade and has been selected to take part to France national team's tour in Australia.


At the 99th minute of the 2011 H Cup quarter final, in the extra-time against Biarritz, Yannick scored one of the most important try of his career : the one that qualified the Stade for the H Cup semi-final.


In 2012-2013, Yannick proved what an incredible runner he was. He scored two tries, against Bayonne and against Grenoble, after a 80 meters crazy race !

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