Ernest Wallon Stadium

The “Sept Deniers” covers an area of ten hectares and includes a main pitch, three secondary pitches and a sports complex for the rugby school. At the heart of the site, the Ernest Wallon stadium has seating capacity for over 19,000 people.

The first team has the use of a bodybuilding room, three medical rooms (two for doctors and one for physiotherapists), video equipment, swimming pool, steam room, equipment room and an office for the coaches.

For the other teams, the Sept Deniers site has eight changing rooms, two medical rooms (doctor and physio), two equipment rooms (rugby school and other teams) and three rooms (Under-18 and Junior team offices and referees).

Sept Deniers is also a lively place, with a Brasserie, secretariat, clubhouse (restaurant area set aside for players’ meals, with a maximum capacity of 80 people), six rooms (partner reception, meeting and reception room known as the Salle Piques, training centre, rugby school, Former Players’ Association and Friends of Stade Toulousain), seven offices (Association, training centre, Association chairman, chairman of the SAOS, accounts, partnership, administrative management and general secretariat), along with a reception complex that can accommodate 1500 people, a caretaker-ticket sales area and three plant rooms.

Sept Deniers also has fourteen tennis courts (six indoor and eight outdoor), a swimming pool and a clubhouse.

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The Municipal Stadium

For a key match that’s likely to attract a large number of supporters, Stade Toulousain may occasionally abandon Ernest Wallon for a match. In recent seasons, Stade Toulousain has played certain important matches at the Toulouse Stadium. This is the usual home of the “Purples” (Toulouse FC): it has 38,650 seats and has been the theatre of unforgettable wins for the “Red and Blacks” against Northampton and Munster in 2003, Edinburgh in 2004 and Northampton again in 2005.